Monday, November 19, 2012

Love Is Just A Chemical Reaction

It's true.

You can randomly fall in love with someone. With anyone actually. You will start having conversations with that someone. You will enjoy that someone's company. Then you think you are in love. You think, you dream and most of all; you hope. Hoping that he or she feels the same way.

It happened to me. Didn't regret it even one bit.

For me, love is just the start. What keeps a relationship alive is not love. Love only play some small part. It's the bond that you have created between you and the ones you love. The bond that is built from the trust. Happiness and sadness that, we, share together.

You can make a monster out of me. You can say that I have used you. For what, I don't know. You can make up lies in your mind and believe in it. Just as long as you're happy.

I want to be happy with you, but our situation right now won't allow it. Don't you understand? Your family is far more important right now. Don't you understand?