Wednesday, January 18, 2012

25 Facts That No One Cares About.

Dah lama seyh tak update blog ni. Atas permintaan ramai blog ini akan di-update dan di atas permintaan my gorgeous*yes, you are gorgeous girlfriend, I will update it with facts about me. It's quite hard actually. Maybe because I don't know much about myself and to make it easy, I compared it with my girlfriend*really really cute girlfriend punya post. So here goes.

1. I'm a man. Not sure there is daddy's man or mummy's man. But when I was a kid I think I am a mummy's boy. :)

2. I am lazy. I do things according to my mood. Makan ke mandi ke.

3. If I'm super hungry, I will go crazy. I will do weird things.

4. I am quite perfectionist when I'm in the mood. If I'm in the mood, I will make sure it's perfect to my taste. Like when I'm cleaning my shoes and if I notice the car is dirty I will*sometimes clean the car too. That's why I don't like to do any house chores. Because I'll do more chores.

5. I'm talkative around the people that I'm comfortable with. I can easily make new friends but in some occasions they have to greet me first.

6. I believe in first impression. My first impression on people kadang-kadang betul.

7. I think I have a good instinct. My instinct told me so.

8. I can be annoying and irritating. So don't hate me. Tampar takpe.

9. I can drink coffee if there's no other drinks. Iced coffee boleh tahan. Selalu curi-curi minum yang my brother buat.

10. I don't express my anger well. Maybe sebab I don't like being angry. Being irritated selalu.

11. I easily get jealous because I like to over-think things.

12. I'm a pessimistic(?). I always think bad stuffs will happen at a certain time.

13. My plan usually fail. Kalau plan nak lepak with my friends malam ni, mungkin malam tu hujan, tayar bocor, pintu rumah tak boleh bukak, my friend terlupa jalan, tiba-tiba Tanjung Jara lenyap dari peta dunia for one night only.

14. I'm not sure about tickling. Can somebody tickle me please?

15. I like to stare at people in a weird way. ;)

16. I like girls.

17. I love you. Yes, you!

18. I'm forgetful.

19. The sound of my laughter is not cute. I'm sure of it.

20. I'm shy when I'm with her. :)

21. I get worried easily.

22. I'm a light sleeper and when I wake up from slight disturbance susah nak tido balik.

23. I don't like emotional person. Not hate them entirely. Just when they are emotional. I can live with that though.

24. I'm a nail-biter.

25. I like to blanket people. I don't know why.

Fuhh... Siap!

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